Monday, October 26, 2009


Here are a few funny stories for you recounted by my girlfriend who grew up in a small town in the San Joaquin Valley.  Her uncle has a big ranch, part of which is devoted to horse stables.  Her uncle rents out the stables and tack rooms to locals in the area.

My girlfriend’s aunt keeps her horse, Ladybug, on this ranch.  The aunt and uncle are brother and sister by the way.  During the daytime, the animals can wander here and there on the ranch.

Well, Ladybug is one of the sweetest, easy-going horses you could ever know, not easily distracted (she can walk through sprinklers without batting either her brown or blue eye…she has both), and loyal to her people.  One day, my girlfriend returned to her uncle’s ranch in her little red “Pup” pick-up truck after shopping for groceries.  No sooner than she turned of the truck and got out when she noticed a big neck protruding from one of the grocery bags attached to a horses body.  Ladybug was head-deep into one of the bags looking for fresh produce.

Another time, my girlfriend, who was not comfortable on horses yet, rode on the back of Ladybug with her aunt over to the nearby Circle K (similar to a 7-11 for you city-slickers).  Upon arrival at the store, her aunt, who only wanted cigarettes, suggested to my girlfriend that they both dismount lest the lesser experienced of the two didn’t end up “walked away with” by the Equus should the horse decide to leave.

When her aunt came back out of the store with her pack of Marlboro, my girlfriend was sitting on top of Ladybug, proving to her aunt that she was more confident on horses than her aunt had taken her to be.

One last story.  During another double-dutch trip on the back of Ladybug, my girlfriend and her aunt casually strode Ladybug through their little town of 30,000 people and through the local Taco Bell drive-through where they proceeded to order their food and a couple of sodas.  Everyone in the drive through thought it was funny, and as Ladybug put her head through the order window, the workers stroked her long nose and laughed.

This last story, which I’ve heard for years, is a favorite of mine because I am from a very large city, and yet I have known this little down since about 1997 (twelve years).  Even in the relatively short time I have known the town, great growth and changes have occurred which have surprised me.  The Taco Bell story happened well before I knew my girlfriend or the town, and in a quasi-romantic way, I can easily see how they could have done what they did, no problem.  You’d never get away with it today.