Wednesday, October 14, 2009

London Plane Dream

I had a strange dream early this morning.  I dreamed that Brenda and I were flying to some country in Europe or Scandinavia and were making a stop in London.  Our plane was flying over the Thames River slowly next to very tall buildings with dark, mirrored glass.  I had my arms out of the plane's window and was seated close to the nose giving me a good view of what was in front of us.  My hair was blowing in the wind.  I remember taking note of how white the outside of the plane was since I could see the outside forward hull of the nose.

Brenda was seated behind me, and as we got close to one of the buildings, she reached out and touched a framed picture that obviously belonged to someone which was sitting on a corner ledge of a building.  As she did this, the picture fell hundreds if not thousands of feet; I gasped at Brenda’s action knowing that the frame would likely kill someone below.

That was basically our stop; suspended next to a building hundreds of feet up.  So we started moving again, and were passing along the ledge of a building where a school boy, dressed in either German or Holland type school clothes, ran along side keeping up pace with the plane.  I thought it was strange in how slow the plane must have been moving for him to keep up with us.

The pilot then throttled up and headed the plane in a steep ascent between very tall buildings into the night sky.  There were two planes ahead of us.  Just then, the two planes ahead of us exploded in horrific fireballs as they had passed the buildings presumably out in the open.

Our pilot slowed our plane and immediately started turning it back to London to prevent the same fate from happening to us.  Something beyond the buildings was obviously shooting missiles up at planes.  As we turned around and headed back to London, I had a clear view of the sea below a few miles adjacent to us, and I could see pieces of white plane wreckage floating in the ocean swells.  I noted that they were large chunks of the fuselage that contained the passenger windows of those planes.

While heading back to London, though I was fearful, I acted happy to Brenda that we would get to spend a few days in London just tooling around.  This wasn’t such a bad place to be stranded since I knew London very well from my former trips there.  The only thing that was of concern to me was how we would eventually get back to the US if a war were starting across the Atlantic.

I think the location of this dream was brought on by the rain we just had.  The weather here in LA reminded me of London; wet and gray.  However, I don’t know why the dream’s content was so troublesome.  I can only suspect that it had something to do with my conflict of wanting to travel for a long time like I often used to, and the reality that traveling would feel foreign to me by now.