Thursday, October 8, 2009

One Step at a Time

So I just registered for the LA Marathon.  It sounds like it will be fun since it will be from Dodger's Stadium, through Hollywood and Beverly Hills, through Brentwood and ending at the Santa Monica Pier.  The only thing is that I haven't been running a super lot lately.  I started to in the Spring of this year, but then it got hot as hell, especially being stuck here in the valley with not enough money to even drive myself to Manhattan Beach to run where it is cooler.

So about six weeks off from running, and I'm starting from scratch again.  I first have to shed a bit of weight to get slim and sleek enough to run efficiently, and then put some mileage in my legs.  This past week, I ran only eight miles, and my right calf is a little sore, so I took off yesterday.  I'm going to run a mile in a few minutes and see if I can do some mileage down by the ocean tomorrow.

Well, one step at a time.