Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rolling Lights in the Night

Cool pic, huh?  You’ve seen this before; keeping the shutter open for a while at night.  But the effect never gets old.  I think for me because, to start with, the night is so magical.  Everything seems calm and on hold.  A normally very busy freeway can seem like the picture; as a quiet, very wide cement trench with a few cars floating by on their way to who knows where.

One lady driving down the road may have just left her mother’s home after visiting her for the evening and is thinking about her day tomorrow.

A guy passing the other way is on his way to start his security graveyard shift at a small hospital on the West side.

Another guy has just left his girlfriend’s house and is heading home looking forward to sleeping in late.  Meanwhile, he is listening to a comical talk show host doing voices while interviewing people.

It’s not going to rain tonight.  It’s not going to be windy tonight. It’s not going to be super cold tonight.  Just the cool still air of the Pacific West settled in the valley.  If one is awake and outside, they will hear the occasional nut fall through the leaves of a tree, or the scattering of some furry animal among some nearby bushes.  And the sound of a distant freight train every half hour or so will break the silence which is the night.

But it will mostly be still.