Friday, October 9, 2009

Threading The Needle

A good friend of mine told me today that he feels he is threading the needle in that he has his music business set up, but it isn’t making money as of yet.  He is staring his bills head-on and isn’t sure if he’s going to be able to have the business make money in time.

My response to him was all about my own thin real estate sales and how I am having to juggle which car to sell, and how soon in order to float my own obligations another month or two.

Then, yet another long-time friend of mine who has not been working and living with his mother for literally years chimed in when I brought a similar topic up with him. He said that he thinks all of the members of the Forbes 400 List whose lives I annually salivate over have been successful due to their intense focus on creating and owning something such as a business or intellectual property.

I agree with his assessment.  I just don’t know what that focus should be for myself.  I have smarts, motivation and dedication, and yet I still haven’t figured out how to take my love of writing, photographs, movies and travel, and intertwine them into some fantastic new way of doing things.  I feel like its there, but I can’t get my head around it.

You see, I have this dream of doing something creatively and passionately in my work, and then retiring on the weekends to my second home on Malibu Road or on Broad Beach Road.  My girlfriend and I would watch the sun set from our house in the sand in a snuggle, then prepare some dinner and enjoy the sound of the waves rolling in and out below us.

So to get from here to there; it can’t be that hard, right?  I mean, going back to those 400 Forbes members with more money than one could spend in several lifetimes, my dream seems kind of menial and pretty attainable.

Well, I’ve just started, “Outliers,” by Malcolm Gladwell today.  Let’s see what he has to say about it all.