Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Assuming the Computer Position

I find that when I get inside my house from anywhere, even sweaty after a long run, that I naturally default to going over to my computer chair to check on any number of things; my email, my blog, my Facebook account, what the temperature is like in different areas, if there is a storm headed our way (ha ha….it never happens in Southern California unfortunately…they all seem to miss us), and a thousand and one other discoveries on the Internet.

Have you ever just pulled up Wikipedia and started putting anything that comes to mind into the search box.  People have written about everything under the sun.  I recently sent a Wikipedia link to a friend of mine that was literally about the “moon.”  So many things I didn’t know.

Plopping down at my computer is such a natural and comfortable thing to do.  My girlfriend gets upset sometimes because I am so focused on my monitor at times she’s trying to show me how she’s matching an outfit, or something that’s happened during the day.  In other words, she’s trying to communicate with me, and my face is a total blank, like a five year-old seeing Captain Kangaroo for the first time in the 1950’s.

I have to work on this, for when I sit down,  minutes will turn into an hour easily.  I’ll just look for one more bit of info about the new Dodge, or I’ll just grab one more picture, turn it into a jpeg file and Photoshop it for a second.  Then Wham-O!  It’s an hour and a half later, and my girlfriend and my pets think I’ve been sucked beyond the event horizon.