Sunday, November 15, 2009


I was driving up a long road in a very nice neighborhood today after having shown a million-plus house, and I came upon a woman walking a bushy medium-sized dog.  She looked like she was walking fast to get her exercise for the day.  Directly behind her was a lanky fifteen-ish year-old looking teen, who assume was her son, walking with his nose in a book.

I was first surprised that he could be walking that fast, not run into his mom, and be reading at the same time.  But then upon further thought, I wondered what the story was behind this.

Did his mother tell him he had to walk the dog today, over and over enough times, and when he didn’t respond, she finally grabbed the leash and told him that he at the very least had to come with her?

I then thought about myself at that age.  All that I was interested in were bikes, cars and cute girls.  I never read much of my own volition with the exception of school-work.  I just would not have been seen walking down a street in daylight with a book up to my face.

I’m not judging him.  I’m guessing he’s further ahead even at this point of winning a Nobel Price than I.  I’m just saying in comparing our respective 15 year-old lives, these are completely different animals.