Monday, November 2, 2009

Internet Cruising and Dating

I am so into the Internet and all things shared electronically.  But looking for a romantic partner on the Internet is something I just don’t understand.  I get the curiosity of seeing who is out there and what people look like, etc.  I’ve done that a million times. That’s what the social sites are for like Facebook and MySpace.  But when it gets into the realm of actively looking for a partner, the Internet just doesn’t seem to cut it.  I was just posting an ad on for a service, and I checked out the Women Seeking Men area of the site. 

I just don’t get why someone would spend their time looking a pictures of people in order to possibly date them; it seems that one would build up a fantasy based on a picture, and then it’s rather down-hill from there. 

It’s so easy to go out to a restaurant or an area where there are lots of people out and about and just meet people.  One instantly gets a sense of their personality by being right in front of them.  Maybe I’m more psychologically oriented than other people and thus, being in front of someone is more valuable to me in gathering data about someone.

There’s also something that doesn’t appeal to me about two people sitting on their butts, like I am now writing this, checking out other people.  I am in a long-term relationship, but if I were looking for someone, I would seek a person who could at least get them-selves out of the house to meet others.  That just seems like a basic characteristic that one would want in someone.

I say, if a process possible to do on the Internet without hurting someone else, then have at it!  People get married from Internet encounters, so what am I fussing about?  I guess for me, the initial moments of meeting someone are so much more meaningful as a face to face encounter.