Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Love of Things American

I am looking at a TV screen that has CNN on it with the caption, “Trouble in the House of Castro; Fidel Castro’s Sister Discusses her CIA Cooperation.”  Well, that sounds interesting.  I’m in a public place as I write this, so they have the sound down, or it’s inaudible.

But the subject of Cuba reminds me of a Huell Howser episode (on PBS) that I saw about Havana.  Huell walked around Havana showing all of its culture and secrets.  One of the strange elements of this backward city was that Cubans absolutely adored American Cars, and more specifically, big, 1950’s American cars such as Chevys and Buicks. 

Here were these old streets whose citizens had old cloths and unshaven faces with these huge American cars driving up and down the roads.  It was akin to your local Friday night burger classic car show here in the United States, pick any town. They also love other Americana such as appliances and American movies. 

I think this is still true for a lot of the world, even at a time when foreign lands might not be that enamored with American people and politicians.  There is still favoritism for those big, colorful, shiny things American that were produced at a time when Americans were living pretty high on the hog.