Thursday, November 26, 2009


Surely on this Thanksgiving there will be a lot of people writing about being thankful today for the bigger and more meaningful aspects of their lives.  So I thought I would cover 20 of my own, maybe more superficial, yet just as noteworthy items.

I am thankful for…

20. Not having to type "www" in the beginning of URL’s anymore.

19. That cars have outside temperature gauges and "miles remaining on gas" read outs.

18. That “Walk/Don’t Walk” signs in Los Angeles now display a numerical count-down so that you know when the yellow light is coming.

17. The fact that you can watch a whole season of a show in DVD’s without commercials.

16. XM Radio having music channels without commercials (ok, I hate commercials).

15. The fact that banks and lenders are under incredible scrutiny; it’s about time!

14. That I’m not the only one in financial hardship (why be alone in things?).

13. That running requires minimal “gear.” Just running shoes, and possibly shorts depending on if you can out-run the police.

12. That you can sort and re-sort multiple destinations in GoogleMaps; I just do this for the fun of it sometimes.

11. That you can track how many miles each of my current three pairs of running shoes has via the Internet.

10. That you can buy one song at a time rather than have to buy a whole album just to get one song like the old days.

9. That there is such thing as an iPhone and all of it’s apps, even though I can’t afford one yet.

8. That I can publish a blog anytime I feel like it even though I have zero followers.

7. That I can sell my album, “Watercolors Over The Sea” on iTunes; I'm lovin' the technology!

6. Those extra-long shoe horns; I use one every single day!

5. That there is a liquor store three blocks from my house that makes excellent submarine sandwiches until 2am, seven days a week.

4. That parks provide doggie-poop bags for free.

3. That people really seemed to have stopped smoking.

2. That I can find pretty much anything I'm looking for at either Fry's Electronics or at Staples.

And the number one thing I am thankful for on this Thanksgiving... 

1. That Domino’s Pizza has actually gotten better in the past few years.