Sunday, November 29, 2009

Windy L.A.

The excessive wind has made LA look so clean in the past two days.  I ran today and could see the Verdugo Hills plopped right in front of me, free of any air pollution.  I would imagine that flying into LA, as a lot of people are undoubtedly doing after the Holiday weekend, is a visual treat.

I remember several years ago driving East on the 10 Freeway from West LA towards downtown just after a strong winter storm had made LA’s air squeaky clean.  I noticed to my left, looking Northward, all of these little hills around mid-town that I had never noticed before. It made the tapestry of the Los Angeles geography more sophisticated than I normally thought of it.

I am looking forward to some more of these windy days to blow through LA soon.  It makes for a totally different feeling here in the Southland.