Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Celebrity's Addiction

With the death of Brittany Murphy and the rumors that it’s looking like abuse of controlled substances played a part in her departure, there’s no denying that the mixture of celebrity pressure, and the access to drugs via the money and lifestyle is really a huge problem.  Before her, Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith and Heath Ledger all recently died of extremely strong narcotics and other drugs.

One must wonder if it’s just the people who are unable to some degree to cope with the pressures of celebrity, or if it’s a much more common occurrence than one might first think.  It’s possible that a lot of the actors and actresses that we know and love have use or addiction problems, but that they are able to keep a cap on their behavior and or not get caught. 

The question that keeps coming to mind is, why would someone who has reached such a level of success, if even in the past, start to destroy them-selves?  Is it because they do not see themselves as successful as they once did, or is it because they can’t deal with the pressure of what is expected of them?  It is a quandary, but it’s so sad to see young, successful people addicted to medications and drugs, living a life that is obviously much too fast for them.

And yet, we know that when one  becomes a celebrity, they will be exposed to circles of people that the general public would never have access to.   Parties in which drugs and alchohol abuse are the norm.  Each aspiring celebrity knows this and feels they will be able to handle situations in which things are offered to them.  This climate in turn breeds and acceptance of reliance on prescription medications as well.  The sad fact is that many people, once accepted into these circles and circumstances, will have a harder time resisting the offerings made to them.

And so, however it happened, Brittany Murphy was found dead in her bathroom with vomit surrounding her after a week or more of abdominal pains and other physical problems.  I just hope something can be learned from her experience.