Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Faking It

Pretending you know what you’re doing and just going forth with it; I think this is how most people actually end up getting ahead in life and business whether it’s recognized or not.

Someone is asked to take on a role that either has never been created before, or is asked to fill the shoes of someone who has gone on vacation or has maybe even moved on.  If the person doing the role-filling exudes the confidence and feels a sense of command in them, it can go a long way.

They just pretend to know what they are doing, and maybe they know 60% of what they should know, but as long as they keep going in about the right direction and feel entitled to delegate, they’ve already succeeded in a way. 

All they need is a few months, maybe weeks, even days in the role, and then in making their own way and claiming it, they really do end up knowing what they are doing.

Having worked in various parts of the entertainment industry for years, I know this to be the norm and not the exception.  Many an executive, director and supervisor have succeeded in their first few steps by just faking it.