Monday, December 28, 2009

Quick Fast Food

I don’t particularly like fast food and try to stay away from eating it as much as possible, although at times when one has little money, fast food is cheap and convenient. Today, after not eating all day and spending four and a half hours showing 15 properties to my clients in the Santa Clarita Valley, from Stevenson Ranch and Valencia all the way through to Canyon Country 12 miles away, then driving them all the way back to the first house where they had left their car to ride with me, I was downright hungry!!!

All I could think of doing was punching into my Garmin the words, “McDonald’s” and seeing how close I was to the golden arches. I was 1.4 miles away. I drove down one big street, onto Interstate 5 for one exit, then a quick turn off onto a little street where McDonald’s sat glistening. I ordered a Big Mac Sandwich and a medium soda. Not the food of Olympians I know, but as soon as I ordered, the Big Mac and the soda cup were on my paper matted plastic tray. I filled my cup with ice and Dr. Pepper, took a seat, and downed the burger and soda in just seconds, satiated and contented. That was indeed fast food!