Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Wireless Homeless

I just saw the funniest thing.  I have to tell you first that my local library like so many these days offers free wireless Internet service when you're in the library.  I don't know how it works on PC's, but for my Mac, my computer just sees the wireless service in my airport wireless menus, I sign in that I'm not doing anything nefarious, and then off I go using the wireless.  I actually don't since I have a broadband card.  But I could, which I think is really cool of the city here to offer to the library patrons.

Anyway, I had just finished returning some items to the library, and as I walking out of the side library doors that open up into a park, I noticed a homeless man sitting near the doors nestled in a protected corner on his make-shift chair, set up with his sodas and other accoutrements, facing the back of his bicycle.  On the back of his bicycle where you'd have one of those racks to carry books, he had instead a solid flat piece of wood. And on top of that, he had a computer. He was sitting there surfing the net using the wireless connection from the library, almost hugging the side of the building to get the reception for his computer.

Since it was something I had not seen before, the wireless homeless, I went to my house and grabbed my camera.