Thursday, January 21, 2010


I saw it last night in 3D Imax.  It was really an incredible film.  The amount of work that must have gone into this film is breathtaking.  The story was clear and the 3D vision and effect so well done that I felt like I was truly in the world that James Cameron had created for me.

The work of the animators was stupendous because they were able to make the audience feel the emotion on the faces of the characters, especially to the lead female character, Neytiri.

The special effects work was glorious, with futuristic military flying carriers, and air missiles lighting up the forest.  But also, there were quiet moments of luminescent glowing forest plants and creatures that took me aback.

And now I have to rescind a little my last blog comment about Sigourney Weaver’s voice being boring-ass.  She did a great job in Avatar as a live-action character, and I’m a little embarrassed about having made the comment a couple of days ago.

James Cameron has quite a skill of bringing a huge number of people and processes to a vision that raises the bar up in film-making.  He’s done it three times now.

Go see it in Imax 3D; you won’t be disappointed!