Saturday, January 23, 2010

An Excellent Script

A friend at my real estate company and I got into a discussion about script writing (while we should have been selling real estate of course).  She asked me to name a script I thought was really well written.  There are so many.  But the first one that came to mind was called, “Maria Full of Grace.” 

I did script coverage for Slamdance Film Festival a few years back, and the way they trained me to follow the format of script coverage was first to hand me five scripts, which were an assortment of well-written to badly-written scripts.  Then, they told me to write coverage on them using their format.  It was a sort of test. 

For when they read my coverage, they wanted to make sure that my coverage matched what they already knew about the five scripts, which the supervisors were vary familiar with.

One of the test scripts was “Maria Full of Grace,” which had been brought to Slamdance for coverage notes a few years before and was about to be released as a film.  Upon reading it, I graded it the highest of the five scripts and thought that the story was so well crafted and yet simple, that it’s remained one of my favorites.

If you haven’t seen the film, do see it.  And pay special attention to how each scene flows and keeps moving the story and action forward.  There is no wasted time in the script, or the film.  Maria Full of Grace is very high on the Fredometer.