Sunday, January 10, 2010

Griffith Park Walk

Well, I couldn’t go for too long without figuring out how one of the lookouts I found on my run yesterday hooked into the city side of Griffith Park.  So Brenda and I set out to find one of the ways in.  It was pretty easy. 

We parked on Commonwealth Avenue, and then walked up a paved street, which then connected to Commonwealth Park Drive.  This led us to the vista point in question. 

One the way up, Brenda and I along with Susie, our black Cockapoo, found a little forest that was a haven off of the road.  It was on a ridge that led to a point and had a lot of tall, green trees; quite a contrast to the dry growth that followed us along our walk up the road.

The scenic spot turned out to be a helipad that sits right on the side of Vista Del Valle Drive and looks out over the whole City of Los Angeles.  It’s really a magnificent view.  Brenda and I met a man who was taking photos scouting for a commercial, and we also met a Parks and Recreation guy who told me about the helipad.

The sun was setting as we sat atop the crest, which made for some nice photography.

Here are a few photos of what we saw today.

This is the road we walked up to get to the crest.



 Brenda and Susie take a water break.


The little forest we found.


 Susie rests in the forest.







Great view.  Helipad at bottom of frame.

 Brenda and Susie in a tree.


 Pay no attention to that man by the tree.


Susie at sunset.