Monday, January 25, 2010


I was at a memorial service a couple of weeks ago, and a pseudo-family member of Brenda’s, Darryl, and I were talking about the tough economic times with some camaraderie.  He mentioned something that was poignant to me.  Darryl said that during one of the previous economic crises, maybe back in the 90’s, he had been forced to sell a prize car of his that he had maintained with dedication over a long period of time.  His words were, “And you know the bitch of it was that it was one payment…one rent payment is what selling that car got me, and it was all gone.”

I’ve had to do similar things recently just to get by for a few weeks.  Three months ago, I sold my Mustang that I had from it’s birth in 1995, on which I racked up 367,000 miles (that’s from Earth to the moon and a good ways back); a car in which I traveled most of the western United States and have stories within that would not be suitable here.  I have recently sold two basses, one of which had been signed by John Entwistle of The Who, as well as other collectible Disney odds and ends.  I found out that eBay is pretty efficient way to go when you have to liquidate.

I have a close friend, who when he was working at the largest home loan company in the U.S., made $240,000 per year two years and a row.  He bought a wonderfully large house in a nice part of town, but now he’s missing payments and squeaking by avoiding getting a Notice of Default.  He’s also selling his gold Rolex watch on eBay for around $3000.00.  And again, I suppose it’s going to pay for some bills for one month, and it will be a memory.  This too after he has sold off most of his football card collection on eBay.

All of these things are just physical possessions indeed, so they can be gotten rid of without being fatal.  But everybody has some special items that are favorites of theirs; things that have some sentimental value and tell a story about a part of their life.  It’s just hard to see those memories turned into a mortgage payment or a gas bill.  Well, at least I still have the girl in the photo.