Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Planet Earth Series

 I have been watching a box set of Planet Earth on DVD; the television series produced by the BBC.  I’ve watched two out of the five DVD’s so far, and it has been spectacular.  The places they bring you, the knowledge they impart and the photography; it’s all magnificent.  The photography is so crisp and intimate with the animals and environments they show you that it truly makes you feel like you visited a place you wouldn’t have had a chance to go before.

Furthermore, the box set has the original narration by David Attenborough, which I am really glad about.  I wouldn’t have wanted to hear the pedestrian American actress, Sigourney Weaver’s, voice all the way through the series, as they had replaced Attenborough when it showed in America.  That’s just condescending of the American networks to think that we would somehow not connect with a real Brit’s voice.

But that aside, you really must see this if you haven’t before.