Saturday, January 23, 2010

Re-Fueling at Uncle Bill's

A quick memory about Uncle Bill’s Pancake House in Manhattan Beach, CA.  On mornings, after doing very long runs such as 22 miles, 25 miles, etc, I would stagger into Uncle Bill’s Pancake House and sit at the counter, where I would be served quickly instead of sitting out in front reading a paper for 40 minutes to wait for a table.  The counter has always been first come, first served, and it was generally fast, even if I had to stand for someone to clear out a seat for a few minutes.

So after these runs, which had started early in the morning, like at 6:00am, and with a quick change into a dry shirt, I would take a seat at the counter and order some breakfast.  The taste of the eggs, bacon and potatoes along with my juice would feel so refreshing.  Nothing is as fulfilling as food and drink after an endurance activity.

It was a favorite thing for me to do, and a great way to start the weekend.  I would have done my scheduled long-run already, and if I didn’t have to work that Saturday as I often did at Disney (bluch!!*%^!!), and having some money in the bank, I could now go off and do a weekend trip somewhere.  I might be off to the Owens Valley, or to Palm Springs, or up to Monterey.

The other patrons at Uncle Bill’s were usually just awake with their families just trying to get the day started, and here I had already run the majority of a marathon, and was now ready to have a hot shower and drive off into the sunshine to unfamiliar places.  Oh, what a feeling!