Thursday, February 4, 2010


I have a dear friend who lives in another country, and who is going through such a hard time right now.   Their economy has also been greatly affected, and as a result, she is suffering due to the complete lack of opportunity, and the inability to draw any meaning from her past work and studies and convert that experience into a job. 

Times are so tough.  It’s especially painful when for example, one is not making any money and is unable to support their own family or their needs, and yet throughout the day, one sees other people working and driving nice cars.  People, who were otherwise doing mundane tasks in the jobs during the better times, are probably very happy to have those jobs now just to keep an even keel in the water through this difficult period of time.

But then there is desperation. When you can’t pay your rent or have enough food.  It’s never happened in my life before, and albeit, I did happen to quit working at the studios and go into real estate at just the beginning of the three-year precipice that has led to where I am today.  So, my timing was extra terrible.  But so many are impacted now.  I am still in my home, and working each day to try to make something happen, and that's the only thing one can do.

I feel for my friend, who seems to be at her wit's end right now and doesn’t know in which direction she should step.

I keep telling myself and others that life is full of contrasts.  At some point in the future, I will look back and say, “Boy, that was a really tough time in so many ways.”