Saturday, February 6, 2010

Time to Organize and Reflect in my Head

This is a rough excerpt from the intro to a book I am writing:  

As I have aged, I have found that there are times in one’s life when they are very production, busy with work, making a lot of income, and have no time for anything but looking forward to the next project or crisis they have to handle.  Then, there are other times, when things are slower, when one is perhaps looking for work or changing careers and trying to pin-point what the next area of focus and passion will be for the next few years.

I have personally been through this phase twice; a phase of slower, more introspective and artistic hiatus from the rushing world of being immersed in an occupation.  The first was about five years after graduating USC.  I had been living with a girlfriend for about three years and had decided to change careers from work in the field of psychology to entertainment.  During this time, I was the most prolific in my own writing of music that I had ever been.  I also took time to find out more about my biological father’s family and even to visit a few of the people who were still alive at the time.  Shortly after this, I started working at the Walt Disney Company and became the busiest person I’d ever been.  This was in stark contrast to the quasi-bohemian life I had been living in my loft in the Venice Canals, writing music in the middle of the day while looking for work.

This time I am presently in as I write this is very similar to that time many years ago.  I am "working" at working, trying to sell some real estate here and there, writing a script with an animator at Disney, and finding that as busy as I still am, that I now have time to reflect back on where I have been.  When I do look back, I find that I have a story to tell.  From the most humble roots of being born to a Filipino immigrant father and a mother I didn’t have much contact with, I somehow ended up working at the most well-known movie studio in the world.  And not only that, but I started working there at a time when they had just resurrected the feature animation department, the jewel of the whole company.  During the period that I was working at the Disney Studios and doing my job well there, it was my high water mark.

The time and experience between these two lives; the very poor boy growing up in the "hood" in Los Angeles, to the twenty-something year-old man, who had gone to USC, took piano lessons, and had met several billionaires by age thirty; this is a journey that I want to write about.