Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Doggie Kingdom

I was talking with a woman in my neighborhood today about our dogs.  In the conversation, I discovered that her dog, like mine, is a sweet and loyal spirit, waiting all day for her to get home from work, patiently readying for his late afternoon or early evening walk.

And yet when bedtime comes, the dog becomes the dominant organism on the bed with the human an inconsequential happenstance.

A time-laps camera would be appropriate here. One could turn it on when going to bed showing the pet in his proper place near one’s feet or side.  Then as the night deepened, the dog would be seen in this time-laps to gradually move inward and upwards towards the center.  He would end up taking over all movable space, forcing the arms and legs of his master out of the bed covers.

The final frame would show the dog belly-up, all four legs in the air, teeth exposed from gravity and splayed in the bed’s central sweet-spot, with a human or two twisted near the periphery.