Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Fred Sunday

I have been working non-stop for weeks. Today, I slept in and woke from my slumber refreshed and happy to see a spring day outside. After resetting my clocks forward, I went to Griffith Park and ran 10 miles, then came home, picked up my girlfriend and our dog, and then went to the local handy-market.

We ordered sandwiches made and then drove up to Wildwood Canyon near Castaway Restaurant. We found nice picnic areas next to a babbling brook up the canyon and set out a blanket and ate our sandwiches with our dog pleading for morsels.

We then hiked up to the top of the hill top arm about 500 feet above where we had a 1000 foot-high view of the San Fernando Valley below. We found some wooden benches on a perch that allowed us a grand view West to Calabasas, South to Catalina, and South East past downtown to some hills probably in Orange County. It was a spectacularly relaxing hour we spent up there enjoying the sunshine.

After descending back down to where our car was parked, we played with our dog in the brook where it was cool and refreshing.

Ah, what a Sunday!