Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"The" Breakfast Burrito


I remember enjoying the perfect breakfast burrito.  It was in a little town in a corner of California not often visited.  I had stayed overnight in heat that was unconscionable.  116 in the day and 95 at Midnight. The window air conditioning unit was on full blast all the time in my room, and  I couldn’t step a few inches out of my door without getting pelted by flying bugs of all sorts.  It was the kind of place a person traveling, such as myself, just stops to cool their breaks for the night.  The motel had an obligatory pool, but likely seldom used.

The sound of tractor-trailers’ engines starting and air brakes releasing permeated the otherwise cricket-filled night and into the morning. I remember getting up at about 9:30am, as I didn’t have to be anywhere, and peaking my head out of my door into the heat of the morning; maybe 100 degrees.  The ground just outside my door looked as if it hadn’t had rain in eons.  For that’s all there was between the buildings, hard dirt.  The architect of this motel hadn’t even planned any asphalt or concrete around the premises with the exception of the pool area.  It was as basic as basic could be.

After a quick, refreshing shower, I got dressed to one of maybe five television channels this place was able to receive.  Then I left my cooled room for the last time and stepped out hardily into the day.  Instantly, the heat and humidity of this agricultural and desert convergence zone made me sweat as if no shower had ever been consulted that morning.

On the way out of this little town, I stopped at a local eatery.  It was a simple one level box-shaped structure that had a few school-like commissary tables inside.  I took a seat and ordered a breakfast burrito and a juice.

I sat relaxed, as my food was prepared, looking out at the simple little town and surrounding farmland and I felt that time had stopped.  My furiously consuming work, Disney at the time, seemed a thousand miles away, and this under populated town felt perfectly tranquil to me on this morning.

My breakfast burrito was the best I’ve ever had, and I enjoyed it slowly and thoroughly.