Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Girl in the Café

Boy was I delighted at how much I enjoyed this movie.  It started out so slow and awkwardly between the characters that I had to make a concious decision to keep watching it at some early point in the film. 

But the story is so well crafted and directed by Richard Curtis and David Yates respectively that it brings you from looking at the most miopic view of a man's personal life to dealing with one of the biggest issues facing our planet. 

Bill Nighy is superb in how he plays an extremely shy man who meets an equally shy young woman in a café, and ends up inviting her to Iceland during which Bill's character is deeply involve in the G8 Summit, where they are trying to come to some agreement as to how to deal with extreme poverty in the Africa.

I am a sucker for anything about Iceland to begin with since I've been there twice and enjoyed my stays there thoroughly, and so the setting pleased me.  The choice of the film-makers to use this location was perfect in that Iceland has neutrality not only in it's location, but also in the public achitecture, and especially in hotel interiors and I found during my times there.  It was a perfect canvass in which to let the story play out.

Do borrow or rent the DVD when you get a chance.

Courtesy of Wikipedia.com