Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Work Done Today

A girl and her boyfriend were looking for homes to rent together in Burbank.  I showed them several rentals over the last few weeks.  I’ll call them Sharon and Greg.  They put applications out on two properties, both of which didn’t work out.  Part, but not all of the problem is that, while Sharon’s credit score is in the 700’s, Greg’s is in the 500’s. 

Owners want to get people with really strong credit scores right now while the economy is still in a funk.  So Greg’s score was just not helping him.

Well, over the last weekend, after four years together, Sharon and Greg broke up.  Sharon called me very crying on Monday saying that she had to find something at half the price we had been looking at, and get it in a few days.  I really felt for her.  It’s hard to motivate one’s self when one is immobilized by a break up.  But she was able to do it.

We went out for the past few days looking at home after home, and yesterday, late in the day, we found the perfect one for her and her two dogs.  There’s a sweet old British lady who lives in the front house, and Sharon gets to live in a nice guest house with it’s own entrance and gated off areas for her dogs.  The property comes complete with large shared patio that has a nice covered garden and sitting area.

It’s a tiny commission for me, but I felt very proud today seeing at least some of the anxiety washed out Sharon’s face as she found a place to live that she will enjoy with her pets and a new built-in grandma.