Friday, April 9, 2010

The Last King of Scotland

I just borrowed, "The Last King of Scotland," about Idi Amin coming to power in Uganda on DVD from the Burbank Library and thought it was fantastic.  I was at first a little put off by what I could tell was quite a bit of license taken in story telling with the addition of a character who was Idi’s personal physician, but it helped to find out in the special features that the film was based on a book that took a lot of liberties.

Forest Whitaker plays his version of Idi Amin with such strength and passion that I was completely captivated throughout my viewing.  He vacillates from being a gentle, human person , to being horrifying.  The supporting performance of Dr. Nicholas Garrigan (James McAvoy) is fantastic as well.  One can see the slightest bits of emotion on this character’s face as he interacts and becomes enmeshed with Idi Amin’s craziness.

This is one not to be missed.