Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mindless Auto-Call Back

My complaint for the day is this:   

You phone someone, especially someone you don’t know, predominantly in business.  They don’t pick up their cell so you leave a careful, detailed message about whatever it is (for me it’s usually getting showing instructions from a long list of other real estate agents and properties), and then you hang up and go onto your next call, confident that you were crystal clear about what you wanted from them.

Ten minutes later, you get a call from this befuddled person who says to you, “Someone call me?  And you say, “Who is this?”  And they say, “Victor.  Someone called me from this number.”

So what has just happened is that after your careful message that you’ve left them, again, as exacting and detailed a voice mail can be, the receiving person sees that they missed a call on their phone log and just dials the number back without taking time to simply listen to their voice mail. 

The problem with this, especially in my business, is that I’ve since gone on to leave another seven agents messages, so I have no recollection of who “Victor” is without his mentioning an address identifier or some other reference to what I called about.

In fact, and I’ve done this a lot, if, when the mindless auto-call-back phoner reaches you belligerently, you say, “Well, I probably left you a message referring to why I phoned you,,” they almost always say, “I didn’t listen to my messages yet.  I just called back the number on my redial.”

The problem with this (especially for someone like Fred who doesn’t like to waste time) is that it’s a pain in the ass to go through asking or explaining the same thing again when they could just as well be phoning you back with a “yes,” or a “no,” or “11:30am should be fine,” or “I’ll check with the owner about what you proposed.”

So there you go.  My peeve for the day.  And for me, there’s no pleasure with this pet!  

"One ringy-dingy, two ringy-dingy, three ringy-dingy!