Friday, April 30, 2010

A Mulholland Drive

For those of you who haven’t thought of it, a windy night like tonight is THE BEST night to drive along Mulholland Drive.  The views of the city and the valley sides are just spectacular.  I know about these conditions because from about age five to age ten, I lived on one of the crests of the Hollywood Hills, and these were always the most visually incredible nights.  The city and valley look like meticulously lit dioramas spread out in front of you fitted perfectly to the topography of the Southland.

We just finished a drive up there, and I was shocked to find that I could see such depth and clarity of the buildings lined up from downtown throughout Mid-Wilshire.  Universal Studios and surrounds were so clear that I felt I could reach out and grab the little illuminated buildings with my hand.  The turbulent sound of the wind tossing around nearby trees and shrubs only adds to the feeling of seclusion, yet being a voyeur of the nightlife just a few miles away.

Such is the magic of Mulholland Drive on a blustery night.