Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2004 Train Trip – Part 1 - 10/23/04

This is a journal of the train trip that Brenda and I took in 2004 around a good part of the country.  The reason was that the Herrmans were having a big family get-together in Philadelphia, and while my parents were flying out there, Brenda and I decided to make a big train trip of it.  During our time in New York, Brenda and I stayed with my aunt in Manhattan on Central Park West, while most of the family stayed in Philadelphia.  

This trip took place over 16 days, and I am presenting them one per day, plus an epilogue with any random thoughts that come to mind.  These entries are all from a written log I kept sparsely during travel, and therefore are very rough and somewhat mundane (I'm really selling this well, aren't I?).  Unfortunately, I was not in the mind of writing very descriptively at the time.  “Oh well.  La-di-da,” as Christina Griego would say!!

And so it begins…
Brenda and I went to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles via the Red Line.  When we got dropped off in North Hollywood via taxi to get to the beginning of the Red Line, our taxi driver got a ticket for parking illegally.  I did not feel bad about this, as I had already told him that he might want to pull into the parking area to unload us and did not heed my advice.

We got settled into our room on the train and then had dinner with an older couple named Bob and Marge, who were from Woodlands Hills and were also headed to Chicago, the end of the line for this train, as we were.

After dinner, we watched, “Raising Helen,” in the lounge car, and then played checkers in our room.  I then got into bed and read, “Swimming to Atlantis.”  I didn’t sleep solidly this first night because our train rocked a lot each time we passed freight trains headed in the opposite direction.

I realized that this was the same route my dad, David Murray and I had taken back when I was in the third grade, and we had gone to Arizona to visit Canyon De Chilly and then had taken a train back to LA from Flagstaff.