Monday, May 17, 2010

2004 Train Trip – Part 13 – 11/4/04

We woke up and had breakfast with a couple of guys.  One was from North Dakota, and the other was from Washington State.  Both were very nice.  The guy from Washington looked like a mountain man.  He told us he had a cougar living on the roof of his home near Spokane. 

We finished breakfast and had already been sitting in the Minot, North Dakota train station while the train was having a bit of a respite.  I wanted to get some more postcards, but thought that the train might take off just as I went inside.  I grabbed a picture of Brenda in front of the antique train adjacent to the station platform.

Brenda and I had lunch with an elderly couple from a very northern part of Wisconsin.  The husband had retired after working in biomedicine in Chicago.  We had a good time talking with them.  The man had also been a marathoner but gave it up for the hobby of sculpting wood ornaments.  He makes beaded Native-American jewelry, and he also did a lot of hunting, which he enjoyed immensely.

Brenda and I went to the lounge car and watched the Dakota lands pass us by.  It was very flat occasionally broken by a few rolling hills.  We saw animals grazing and watched a blazing, fiery red sunset that lasted a good portion through our dinner.  We sat with two African-American guys just a little younger than us; one from Minnesota, and the other from Sacramento.

After dinner, Brenda and I watched Spiderman II in the lounge car, and then moved into our room to read as we entered the state of Montana.  By the time it was fully dark, I couldn’t see the Rocky Mountains yet.  But I later woke up at 3:00am or so and I could see through the moving night that we were deep into the Rockies.