Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2004 Train Trip – Part 15 – 11/6/04

Brenda and I woke up and went to the Seattle train station where we got onto the Coast Starlight.  This train has a parlor car, during which part of the trip, they offer cheese and wine tasting to the sleeper car patrons.  This parlor car also has a little theater below on its first level.  The parlor car has big, comfy chairs with drinks and snacks always available. 

In Portland, Oregon, we passed by the American Orient Express, which I presume was some sort of charter train.  It was parked silently on siding tracks in the station.  We also passed by Mt. Saint Helens, which had lots of steam coming out of it’s top.  We talked and ate with a man from Seattle who works on water projects and was on his way down to San Diego.  He knew a lot about trains.  He told us several interesting tid-bits about our route and it’s history.  An elderly lady joined us for dinner.  She was from Winnipeg Lake and had recently moved to Santa Rosa to enjoy some warmth. 

After dinner, the parlor car played the movie, “Harry Potter II,” while the lounge car played “Garfield,” and then “Stepford Wives.”  Interesting combo!   The parlor car had lots of warm chocolate chip cookies put out for us after the movie.

We stopped in Klamath Falls tonight and walked around for ten minutes in the cold.  Brenda and I went to our room, turned out the lights in our sleep-clothes, and watched out the window and the train made it’s way to Mount Shasta.  I was pretty familiar with this area since I had traveled through it by car a lot.  It was splendid to look out at the distant lights of towns as the train made it’s way along the mountain curves.  We could see the front of the train and it’s light, and the red track signals as they switched.  There was some snow along the train’s path.