Sunday, May 23, 2010

2004 Train Trip – Part 19 - Epilogue

In Part 4, when I discuss the situation with the train waitress treating people poorly, I always go back to my idea that if one is paying for a service, the service should be good, and if it’s not, then I always write a letter.  This was the case in this situation as well.  I think that we in America have got to give good service for whatever we do, or we shouldn’t be doing that job or offering that service, as I described in "Customer Care".

In Part 5, as I described the train coming down the Manhattan/Hudson River (and I use this description loosely because I could have it wrong); it was a beautiful sight.  The train moved about 20 miles per hour under a thin overcast sky as we gazed across the slow, dark waters of the river to the opposing smooth rock banks which supported plush greenery.  It was the same kind of rock, whatever that may be, that you will see sporadically through parts of Central Park.  Didn’t the glaciers cut through and move a lot of these rocks up and down the Northeastern seaboard during the various ice age fluctuations?  I couldn’t exactly see where our train was, but I imagined our tracks cut into similar rock overhangs on our side of the river.

One of the things I love about New York in particular, is how mobile everyone is.  Good friends such as my buddies John, and Steve and his wife, can just pop into an area of the city to have lunch or dinner almost in a moment’s notice, and we’re all on our way again.  It’s a great city for that kind of social interaction.  And there is so much good food all over the place!