Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2004 Train Trip – Part 21 - Epilogue

When we were touring around New York Part 9, it had only been about 2 ½ years after the September 11th attacks, so when we were at Ground Zero, though almost all of the debris were cleaned up, the flavor of the tragedy still weight heavily in the air, I think all over New York.

At the memorial, as busy as it was with people walking around it and peering through the wooden constructions walls to get a glimpse of where it all happened, visitors were very quiet.  I remember a few times talking with Brenda about what we were seeing and feeling like I had to keep my voice down.

We also walked through Battery Park, where on display was the partially damaged orb that used to sit in the plaza between the twin towers.  This monument was on display with candles sitting all around it.  It felt surreal at that time to be standing in front of something that had somehow survived the horrific demolition we had all see on television a hundred times.

And lastly on this subject, when Brenda and I were returning on the ferry from Statue of Liberty Island, the Coast Guard had pontoon boats with armed personnel on board as well as a machine gun attached to the front of their boats.  If you go back and look at the quite lovely picture I took I must say of this image, you will see the automatic weapon fastened to the front of the boat.  The Coast Guard’s boats were plentiful in the river that day, bobbing and buzzing around like bees.