Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2004 Train Trip – Part 22 - Epilogue

In Part 10, I mentioned that when my parents, Brenda and I got down to the bottom Southeast corner of Central Park just past the zoo, we were waiting at the crosswalk to continue down 5th Avenue when my parents told us that they had had their wedding reception in the hotel to our right across the street.  I asked them just the other day about this to refresh my memory, and they told me it was the Plaza Hotel on the Mezzanine level. 

My dad had organized a nice reception there for about eleven close family and friends.  The reason that it was so small is that my parents got married at the courthouse, rather than having a big wedding.  My mother had been married to a well-know attorney, and then divorced, so she didn’t want to go through a whole wedding ceremony again.