Friday, May 28, 2010

2004 Train Trip – Part 24 - Epilogue

When we visited the John Hancock building Part 12, I thought it gave us the best view of the city. Everyone talks about the Sears Tower.  But I think the John Hancock Center is the better of the two for views.  The building sits right on the lake, and so your views are of the city on one side, and of the open lake on the other.  My favorite view was the one looking sideways along the coast of the lake where you can see the city butted right up against the water. 

One of the astounding sites for me was coming west down the Columbia River Part 14.  It felt so natural, wet, gorgeous and untouched.  The fog marbled down the hillsides settling just above the river by just tens of feet; it just hung there.  I loved the greenery as we made our way deep into Washington State.

When I described looking at Klamath Falls around Midnight Part 15 as the train was winding it’s way slowly through the mountainous turns, I remember that Brenda and I were in our night-clothes peeping out of the window at the piercing night stars and looking beyond the patches of snow in front of us at the lights of the little villages below.  It felt like a Hans Christian Anderson moment, and I was happy to be sharing it with Brenda.