Sunday, May 30, 2010

Internet Help

I have been transferring old videos I created and also taped from TV onto DVD and have been uploading some of them onto the internet.  I got to a couple of places in all of my transferring and editing where I got stuck.  I either didn’t know how to do something, or I wasn’t sure of the settings I should use for resolution, audio, aspect ratio, etc.

I remember 10 or 15 years go when I would go to look up a problem’s solution on the Internet, and I would be faced with either really technical instructions, or I just plain couldn’t find the appropriate answer.

I’ve been happy to find lately that when I look for a solution now on the web, that there are at least a million others who have run into the same problem, and invariably, I will find a really clear instruction set for exactly the software I am using to guide me to happiness.  Lovin’ the Internet as always!