Friday, May 21, 2010

Weeping for the Innocent - The Unknown BP Disaster That Is

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There is currently so much in the media about the British Petroleum disaster and what they have been trying to do to reduce the damage that has already been done.  Oil washed up today on an island off of Louisiana, where normally there would be vacationers enjoying the sand and surf.  Now there is thick, black crude the consistency of chocolate syrup to quote a CBS Radio reporter that covers the beach seven miles in each direction.

One has to ponder how much damage has been done already in the open ocean for that concentration of oil to be hitting shores so far away.  It is doubtless that a myriad of ocean-living animals and organisms have died an incredibly terrible and unnecessary death, and even the possibility of many genus and species of animals having been wiped out.

And in some way, it seems that people….humans, only react to these disasters in ratio to how we are affected and with much less mind to how all of those living creatures are affected or killed even if it has no affect on us.  It’s more than slightly an unfair "human-centric" way of looking at our planet, and is big reason why our lack of care for our global environment has gotten us to where we are.  Moreover, it’s completely unfair to the animals since we are the dominant species, and we should be responsible to all others in that way.

With all of the technology that we have now, iPhones, GPS in our cars, FTP sites, and wireless Internet, how is it possible that we are still using fossil fuel to power our cars, trucks, trains and factories?  It’s been clear for many decades that this method of power extraction is both the least efficient way of using energy, and the most destructive means to our Earth.

And the saddest thing to me….all of those animals and plants in the sea, such as those in the Gulf of Mexico right now, have paid for this misguided use of energy, or maybe just laziness, with their innocent lives.