Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Boogie Boarding in Manhattan Beach

Here’s video of my buddy Tim and I popping down to Manhattan Beach at the time that I lived in The Sea Castle in Santa Monica.  We parked in El Porto, and then hit the beach. 

I taped him doing some boogie boarding, and we had intended to tape me as well, but the battery on my monstrous video-recorder pack ran out, so you don't see much of me here.

It was a hazy morning, but it made for that picturesque yellow angular sun hitting us on the wide Manhattan Beach sand.

Tim and I had gotten pretty good at drop knee and knee boarding.  This is when you get either both knees on the board, or one knee on with one flat foot on the board's surface.

We both learned a lot from going down to “T” Street (Trafalgar Street) in San Clemente, which is an underwater reef about a quarter mile South of the San Clemente Pier.  This reef makes for great lefts and rights, and so some of the best boogie boarders in California of our time went to that spot, and we were able to pick up a lot from watching them. 

We happened on "T" Street when my high school girlfriend, Trish's best friend, Kim's family invited us on their annual summer stay in San Clemente, just north of the pier.  This video does not show that spot on this day.  We were much farther North up the coast when we taped this.  Tim and I both owned our own copies of, "California Surfing," a book which told about every single surfing spot in the state.  Tim and I did our best to hit all of the spot South of Ventura at least once in our lives.  We got pretty close anyways...

Our preparation for boogie boarding was kind of hilarious.  It’s too bad I didn’t videotape this process.  We’d get to the sand, stretch a little, talk, put on our spring suits, stretch some more, and then enter the water.  I always shrieked at how cold the 69-degree water was.  Tim would already be out there in the waves, laughing up a storm at his maniac friend.

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