Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Culmination of Politics at Play

Photo courtesy of NY Daily News

President Obama’s firing of General McChrystal seems a little over the top.  The General has done a good job, and maybe another reprimand following his former leaks about troops needed in Afghanistan is all that was needed.

And, yet, one has to wonder, why is it that McChrystal has show a lack of discretion in past leaks and comments he has made, the latest of course being in Rolling Stone, in which he made unflattering remarks about the Vice-President and some members of Cabinet.  To paraphrase the President, “A General has to be held to the same standard as anyone else in our forces.”

But then again, to just cast McChrystal out of a career at just this time while we're in the midst of the Afghanistan fight; a career that started way back at West Point.  It just seems a little severe!