Saturday, June 26, 2010

Decades of Styles

I've always been amazed at how clearly recognizable a decade is by seeing people's clothes and hair styles.  My girlfriend and I watched, "Mystic Pizza" last night, and boy oh boy was there some poofed up hair in that movie.  In one scene, Julia Roberts' character is having dinner with an East Coast law school boy she's smitten with, and her hair is so blown out in a wire-like frenzy that she looks as if she's just grabbed a 220 volt outlet and failed to get go.  And her male suitor has one of those retro-rockabilly hairstyle that was so prevalent the same year I graduated USC - damn, I just gave my age away!

And yet, I remember living in the 1980's myself, and, while I recognized the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's styles as iconic, I really didn't see any prevalent 1980's styles at the time; people just seemed to dress "modern" to me.  But as time passed, and that decade slipped into recent history as well, the 80's look also started to gel.  Feathered hair, pastels, too much eye shadow (especially blues and pinks), denim-wash, turned up collars, Docker's pants, trench coats,...what???

So here we are in the 2010's.  Is there a 1990's look (Seattle lumberjack grunge)? Or a 2000's look (acoustic musician with beanie cap)?  It all doesn't quite seem like anything...yet.  Maybe because everything's become so homogenized, or maybe because we've been through a tough couple of decades economically, which as a result, haven't produced any real renaissance of artistic clothes styles and hairdos as has happened in the better times when the money is rolling on in; the periods of milk and honey.  But then again, ask me in another ten or twenty years, and maybe these past few decades will have gelled into something totally embarrassing and laughable.