Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dudes on the Rings in Santa Monica

Here is a compilation video of this one dude who was so good on the Santa Monica Muscle Beach rings.  He kept his movements so smooth, and knew how to leave the last ring that he passed through almost motionless; a great help for when you turn around and want to back in the other direction.

The video has three segments in it.  Two of just this guy, and then the third segment, in which he and his buddy do “pick up’s” from the platform.  They alternate on the rings in mid-swing.

I watched this guy for many cumulative hours trying to get my movements as fluid as his; never succeeded.

The latter and platform are no longer there, so people now have a less circular way of swinging on the rings.  I think that people who didn’t know how to use the platform kept swinging back into it and hitting their hips and shins.  Too bad.  I liked it!