Friday, June 25, 2010

“For Traffic Info, Call 511”

This is CalTrans’ latest announcement on their big, black, yellow-light dotted communication signs along the freeways.   Of all the entities trying to get our attention to make a phone call, this seems like a terrible idea coming from CalTrans.  We want to get people off of their cell phones while driving, not on them making frivolous calls.  Just tune into KNX1070, or any other radio station in LA to hear the traffic.

I’m all for CalTrans putting up info about Amber Alerts and, “Report Drunk Drivers to 911.”  Those are emergency situations.  But CalTrans shouldn’t be trying to get people to open up and dial their cell phones at 70 miles per hour, and I’m guessing have to navigate through a series of push button instructions to designate specific freeways, when this information is plentiful via less dangerous means.