Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An Isla Vista Stroll – Part 1

Since about the age of five, my parents and I used to take our various dogs to an open beach just North of Santa Barbara in Isla Vista, where we could run them without a leash.  The combination of a natural habitat and a pooch-friendly environment always made for a good day.  But it had been a good while since the last time I was there; maybe seven years. 

So on Saturday, the beginning of the Memorial Day Weekend, Brenda and I packed up some food and dog-walking stuff, and headed North on the 101 to the dog beach.  The access to the beach is tucked in a little neighborhood that I used to have to look up each time on maps, and let me tell you, it was so much easier to find with Navigation on-board.

When we arrived to the neighborhood where you can park to get to the beach, I noticed that many of the apartments were UCSB fraternities and student apartments.  This has always been the case, but for some reason on Saturday, this was more apparent to me than ever.  Perhaps it was because there is now such an age difference between them and me. 

There were students biking and walking with their surfboards to the beach.  Others were jogging by headed to the bluffs.  We saw about 15 students standing on a long deck with beers in hands, shouting out to anyone in the street, which smacked of fraternity life.