Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An Isla Vista Stroll – Part 2

We passed by one open lot facing the beach, and I couldn’t help but wonder how much it was going for; deflated a bit in this economy, yet still inflated because it looked over the blue Pacific, and with a few steps down the bluffs, delivered you to the sand.  Not a bad place to cool your brakes.

We unpacked the few things we had brought and made our way across an open field on the bluffs.  I noticed in the years since I had been there, they had added a running path that stretched North along the top of the bluffs, and then seemed to head east, making a convenient exercise circuit.  We saw a lot of locals jogging, biking and walking along it.

Brenda and I set our cooler down on a picnic table that was near the edge of the bluffs.  I was surprised with all of the people at the beach this day that no one else had set up camp there.  So we had a relaxing lunch with the food we had packed and watched people frolicking in the waves below.

We both realized sometime along the drive up, that Susie, our black Cockapoo, had never been to the beach.  She was adopted from an animal shelter in the Bakersfield area, and since that time, has lived in Burbank.  We made our way down the bluff stairs and set Susie down on the sand, which she reacted to by squeamishly looking down at her feet to be sure of what she was standing on.  The first wave that crashed nearby startled her, but after a few minutes, she was off and trotting along the beach.