Friday, June 4, 2010

An Isla Vista Stroll – Part 4

Brenda and I found a place around the North side of the point to sit and play with Susie on the beach.  We had to urge her to go to the water since it was so new and noisy for her.  But, with a little encouragement, we got her in the shallow water and she ended up enjoying herself.   Lots of joggers passed by us, and Susie barked at a couple of them as of she owned our little section of beach.

After a couple of hours on the beach, we walked South back to the tide pools where Brenda noticed three or four jelly fish beached around the area.  They were big, clear with six inch long and half inch wide tentacles that looked like plastic wrap.  We tried taking a few more picture, and even though the sun was lower in the sky by this point, it was still too bright to get any good portrait type pictures.

Brenda and I headed back down the beach towards the stairs that would take us up the bluffs.  Most of the people who had been out sunbathing had disappeared.  I imagined them having gone to their apartments to get ready for a night of partying.  Brenda and I checked our feet and found a lot of tar on the bottom of them; one of the badges always acquired from a day in Isla Vista.

We got back up on the bluffs, and took another look from the open field down to the tranquil sea.  Two girls jogged by, and a young couple double-teamed their long board back to their house.  It was nice to see that Isla Vista hadn’t changed much in the past few years.