Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pedal Pushing in the Summertime

I had just finished an open house in Reseda this past weekend and was putting my last open house sign into my Jeep when this kid, of about age 15, passed me on his bike.  He was holding a Slurpee in one had, and was cradling a submarine sandwich and chips in the other.  The fact that he wasn’t holding onto his handlebars made him look as carefree as could be.

It reminded of my own transportation at that age, in the sweltering heat of the summer, starting out on my yellow Raleigh ten-speed along with a friend or two on my wing.  We each had our squeaky flip flops on and a towel over our shoulder as we headed to the Sherman Oaks Park swimming pool.  A few hours of jumping off of the high-dive and splashing around, and then we headed home with bathing trunks squeaking as we rode home, trying to avoid getting the ends of our towels caught in our bicycle chains. 

We also did weekly rides to a go-cart place in Burbank, where we would spend most of that week’s allowance in an hour or so.  The bike ride from my home to this place, which butted up against the South runway of the Burbank, was an astonishing 7.8 miles; so we’re talking a good 16 miles of bike riding at the end of each of these go cart visits. 

This same time of year and mode of transportation allowed me to see Star Wars something like 7 times in 1977.  We’d start from Studio City and make our way over to the small General Cinemas in Sherman Oaks to get out of the heat and spend a few more moments in deep space with R2D2 and C3PO. 

Thank God for the bikes!