Thursday, June 10, 2010

Santa Monica Pier 1983

Just after buying my used, monstrously heavy video camera and recording pack, my buddy and I went down to the Santa Monica Pier and videotaped on a weekend.  The pier had been seriously damaged due to a storm that razored off it's end.

Where you see the makeshift dance platform is where the pier ended.  It stayed like this for many years until the money could be raised to renovate the pier to it’s modern day restaurants and attractions.

The dancers are doing 80’s break dancing and some Michael Jackson imitations.  If you look carefully beyond where the dancers are, you will see a cream-white colored Sea Castle.  This was a few years before they painted it the aqua-blue that it was when I later moved into it.

Also, in the first minute of the video, you will see me zoom into the only partially in-tact brake water, which used to protect recreational boats moored to the North of the pier way back in the day.  I haven’t been to the pier lately, but my last recollection is that you can’t even see this breakwater anymore at all.

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